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we’re off to atlanta and the Special Event Show …

Change of plans folks. You know we’re attending the Special Event Show in Atlanta, Georgia which starts next Tuesday. However my event designer got a phone call from someone who she used to work for in HOTlanta. He took on a huge wedding this weekend and would love her help! So we are leaving EARLY!

The decor budget is, [wait for it], $100k. Yup…..the DECOR BUDGET. So we are leaving today to get their in time to help him out.

I’ll carry buckets of flowers and strings of electrical cord just to help out. I’ll serve water and mop people’s brow. This is an opportunity to see some really fabulous designs.

Now…need to clean out my camera’s smart card so I can fill up with pictures and show you next week!!!! whoot! whoot!

For the next few days we’ll be showing some of our favorite weddings (inspiration board style) of 2007. Not ALL of them mind you…just a few we had time to put together.

plan on!


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