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Go Green Monday here.

Instead of talking about eco-friendly living; I’d like to show how you can green your business event. In August 2007 we were the planners for the Energy Summit for Southwest Indiana. Not quite a ‘green event’ we did make strides in providing green resources for attendees considering the subject of the Summit was conserving and using renewable resources for local businesses.

The Summit took place at The Centre in downtown Evansville. A beautiful, multi-million dollar facility; we took advantage of there huge stage for the speakers. We were lucky enough to have the stage designed by Landscapes by Dallas Foster.

Our distinguished speakers such as; our Indiana state governor, Mitch Daniels, Congressman Brad Ellsworth, Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel, Cheryl Musgrave; Director for the Department of Local Government Finance for Indiana and Jim McKinney; President/CEO of Regency Commercial Associates (and too many more to list).

Talk about going green….the entire stage was filled with trees, shrubs, natural potted flowers. You could almost hear the birds singing and the frogs croaking. It was a beautiful presentation and all of the potted landscape went right back to their store to be sold. Renewable and fitting.

Here are the pictures….

governor mitch daniels

energy summit for southwest indiana

energy summit for southwest indiana

energy summit for southwest indiana

So here’s a thought…..could you do something similar for your weddings? Something to think about.

photos: Chris Campbell

plan on!


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