scott baio weds!

*sigh* Scott is married.

I have a secret to tell you. I have always loved Scott Baio. He was right up there with Rick Springfield.

I’m not sure when the love affair began. He grew on me very slowly as Chachi Arcola (little cousin of the Fonz) on Happy Days. Who could not resist the red bandana tied around just one leg? By the time he had his TV wedding to Joanie…I was hooked.

What a TV wedding! Then of course he moved on to Charles in Charge. What girl in her right mind would not sign up to have HIM be your nanny! Hello? I’d hire him now to watch Boy Wonder (my husband might protest).

Now we’ll get really personal. I even….(I can’t believe I’m going to admit this)…..bought his one of the two albums he ever made. The best song on that record was “What Was in That Kiss“? I can still sing the chorus. Maybe because I listened to that song falling asleep every night for months.

Don’t judge me.

Anyway, he’s gotten married to some chickie, Renee Sloan. May they have a life time of happiness…..blah, blah, blah. Whatever. He was MY first love. 



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