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Next year the hubby and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. Crazy, I cannot remember a time that I wasn’t married. (I mean that in a good way).

Planning weddings and events professionally, I’ve often thought about what I would do differently if I could get married again. I loved my wedding, but we were on a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight budget since we paid for everything ourselves. But knowing now, what I didn’t know then, this is what I’d do different (or keep the same):

  1. I’d WOULD marry the same guy. How this man puts up with me is crazy.
  2. I would have gotten all our pictures done BEFORE the ceremony. We were at the same location (ceremony/reception) and it was just plain stupid to make the guests wait.
  3. I loved the fact we rented out the bar for our reception. It suits us.
  4. My decor would be dramatically different. More real flowers or candles. Colored linens.
  5. Definitely keep the same date, getting married on the 4th of July is cool (except we usually celebrate by ourselves on a different date…cause it’s such a family type holiday).
  6. I’d hire a professional videographer. We had a friend do it. While I appreciate his (free) efforts, I get a little sea sick when watching it.
  7. Hands down, I would get a better officiant. The guy ticked me off so bad in the middle of the ceremony that the (shaky) video actually shows me clenching my jaws. I could have smacked him.
  8. Loved the time of day we got married – an hour before sundown.
  9. I would hire musicians to play for the ceremony (instead of DJ music) and pick out quirky songs. I would love a guitarist.
  10. I really liked my dress, but it wouldn’t be in style now so I’d have to upgrade in that area. Who cares…who wants to turn down a new dress?
  11. Detest veils. I did not and would not wear a veil. (I sound like Cat in the Hat…I would not, could not, wear a veil….)
  12. I would of let my husband pick his own best man. (Looooong story.)
  13. I would double the guest list. Considering I only had about 45 people, I’m still doing good in that area.
  14. We would pick more unusual foods to eat at the reception. I’d prefer an environment that would incorporate food stations and action stations.
  15. I would want one of those neat coffee table books from my photographer. (not an option at the time)
  16. Would not change the wedding cake, which was cheesecake. One word: YUM! But now I would find a cake designer that would stack the layers.
  17. I’d like to change clothes at the reception; into a new dress or into some really sexy white slacks. Something different.
  18. My invitations would be much, much, much better. Much better. Enough said.
  19. I would not change the ceremony location, outside in front of a lake (with a cute gazebo). Nature is my church.
  20. I would definitely still invite the guy who came dressed in drag to our wedding. It was very amusing. And in his defense, he just wore a skirt with a funky t-shirt. What can I say? He was my husband’s friend. I guess I should just be glad that he didn’t end up being his best man.


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  1. Melissa DiStefano
    Melissa DiStefano says:

    Great post Saundra! I often wonder what I’d do differently as well (with the same guy) but you have to think about it this way, we did the best we could with what we had at the time, or at least we thought we did :mrgreen:


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