hairspray, the broadway musical

Last night I had the best opportunity! The wonderful Broadway musical, Hairspray came into our fair city.

I vaguely remember seeing the movie when Ricki Lake played plain-jane Tracy Turnblad. It was cute, but really didn’t hold my attention.

It’s been toooooo long since I saw a Broadway musical and I forgot how much fun they are! When I was a kid I had the opportunity of seeing My Fair Lady when Rex Harrison was still playing the lead. I can still remember that show, even though I was a little girl.

Anyway, Hairspray is absolutely adorable. It combined two of my favorite things: singing and dancing. Boy could they dance! My secret favorite was Tracy’s skinny girlfriend, Penny Pingleton. She got all the one-line zingers and laughs.

If you have the opportunity, it’s a must see! Welcome to Baltimore in 1962! Fave song: the closing song “You Can’t Stop the Beat”….

‘Cause you cant stop
The motion of the ocean
Or the sun in the sky
You can wonder if you wanna
But i never ask why

Makes me want to run out and buy a can of Aqua Net……….

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