green (eco friendly) living: part 5

It’s Go Green Monday here. In the continuing saga of attempting to be more efficient and less wasteful, I look at my daily routine and implement small changes.

Not quite the paperless office, I do strive to more lean with the product. I am however, anal about sending out the best looking documents. That means, sometimes, a lot of reprinting, which is wasteful. So this is what I’ve implemented in my event planning studio office:

  1. Wedding itineraries are printed on both sides of the paper. It takes a little more time to do this as I have to collate it manually. But it saves paper. And let’s face it, some of these wedding parties don’t want to hold 5 sheets of stapled paper.
  2. When you print a document, sometimes you mess up. Or you know how Word will suddenly shoot out another page with only one or two words at the very top, thus ruining it for re-use? You could of sworn it was a one page document. Well now I have a file holder that is right next to the printer to store all those “ruined papers”. We re-use these sheets of paper for: test printing runs, shopping lists, scratch paper for my son to use on math homework, etc. I’ve been actually reducing the amount of trash that is going into my wastebasket! (well I guess eventually it ends up there, but the whole sheet of paper is really used)
  3. I canceled all free magazine subscriptions my husband gets for his business. The construction industry will send him 5-7 magazines for free a month. He reads: zero. I told them to save a tree and quit sending them to him.
  4. To further reduce incoming paper, I always ask for people to email instead of fax. I hate faxes anyway, even though I have a new nifty color HP printer/fax.
  5. I don’t print out as many emails with necessary information because my crackberry is always with me….the info is right there, on the screen! In fact, I could email myself a grocery list or a to do list!!! It just came to me while typing this post. Huh.

So what steps can you do to further reduce your paper environment?


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  1. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    Great ideas, Saundra! I’m like you…my docs must be perfect before I send them out to a client. One of the ways I cut down on paper while I’m “tighting” up my documents is to print them to an PDF file that I store in my client’s electronic folder on my computer. I can check it for errors right there on the screen and print when I get it just right! I also send my documents via email (again, a PDF file). 🙂


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