green (eco friendly) living: part 4

We had severe storm damage in November of last year. We filed a claim and since then we have been able to transform our 25+ year old house into a more energy efficient home.

We replaced the roof. We replaced all the windows (before you could walk by a window and FEEL the cold/hot air rushing in). We replaced our front door system (same thing…leaked in the air). We replaced all of the siding and insulation around the home (so excited to pick out the colors I wanted). We rebuilt our front porch. We installed a new vent system in the roof.

It took almost a year to replace everything, and I’m proud to announce….that this weekend (literally on Saturday) was the first time we have had to turn on the heat in our home. We leave our thermostat set at 65 degrees and put on socks/sweaters. It’s electric heat so it really never feels super warm, but it will take the edge off.

Finally we have a well insulated home that really hold the heat well even though it is 32 degrees outside. Hopefully even though our local energy company has substantially raised their rates, we will be able to see not only a reduction in our bill but also conserve some serious energy.

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