Here’s the latest, hottest new wedding trend featured in December/January issue – wedding scenting. It’s a natural evolution after the lighting craze (that is still going continuing). Smell is such a powerful sense. I know I can smell a certain time of perfume and remember summer camp as a kid or my first business trip. The memories flood back!

It only makes sense (tee hee) to create a special scent that will make their special day even more unique and memorable. They are calling it “scent branding”.

But please keep one thing in mind…you don’t want to go overboard. This should be an addition to your wedding and be careful to not mix the fragrances that will clash with your food. For instance, you know that restaurants will not have scented candles at their tables…it conflicts with the taste of the food.

I’m not an expert on this subject, but am very “into” nice smelling rooms (which is why I have a dozen or so nice candles to burn in my home). Read the article that is attached
Download fragrance.pdf

…it’s interesting!

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