on the job with the wedding planner: part four and finale

Continuing from Part Three:

5:05pm – I get a frantic phone call from Karen (MOB) while driving to the Cambridge. She wants to make sure that the kids won’t be introduced without her and Monty (FOB)being present. Heck no! That’s why you hired me!! I make sure everyone is there and in place before the major events begin. Sigh of relief.

5:15pm – I pull in and this is one of the most stressful parts of the wedding day. There are many vendors to touch bases with and quickly. I have to talk to the band, dining room manager, and make sure the photographer and Videographer arrive. The second Escalade isn’t back with the group of guests so we have to make sure they arrive before any special events can happen.

One small problem – we had some a distant family who didn’t RSVP properly (which are now fondly known as the wedding crashers) who were sitting at a table reserved for close family members. I’m on it…..we set up another 8 topper table and I politely ask them to move to the over flow area and have wait staff move their half eaten salads. Isn’t wedding planning glamorous? I wonder if Preston Bailey has to ask guests to move?

6:10pm – We’re slightly off schedule. We don’t have an intro song on the iPod provided by Zach so the band is going to do an improv intro. I get the wedding party all lined up and remove the drinks from their hands and ready to rock…Stretta Band has a fantastic MC, Ray….I am really impressed.

Right before they go in I suggest to Kristin and Zach they kiss in the middle of the floor (great photo and video moment). Zach does one better, he dips Kristin when he plants one on her…the crowd goes wild! Monty (FOB) does a wonderful greeting which engages all the guests and prepares everyone for a spectacular evening!

6:20pm – Service begins for wedding party and family (platedmeals) and guests are being released by Julie to the food and carving station.I get the bottle of Dom Perignonthat has been chilling (a gift from a friend) and serve Kristin and Zach at their sweetheart table. I also gives a heads up to Darrel that they will want a picture of the bottle with them. Before I run out to put the food on the Smore
Bar and light the gas heaters outside for guests, I coordinate with the band and videographer for the photo montage (which Kristin made) will start playing.

6:50pm – Going well, last table is about to be released of guests. I see Ray and ask him if he’s eaten, he says no. Attention has been on the guests for the servers. I tell him to go through food station line. The band has to eat before they play, this may delay us a bit on the start time. We hit a problem with the video montage while I was outside. We work through the problem as quickly as possible.

7:10pm – Band dudes ate fast! God bless ‘em. Coordinate with the band and Black Tie Video to be sure they will still be there at the reception during their contracted time for bouquet/garter toss and a special surprise the band has in store for the bride/groom. Toasts start with a sweet one from maid of honor, Jessica Scalfano and then a funny one from the best man, Matt Capps (relief pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates). I help Julie and Chef Beverly lift the cake to the cart, they will take back to the kitchen to cut and serve. I glance up and the band has started the first dance. THANK you Ray for reading my timeline!!!


7:30pm – My stomach is grumbling and the party seems to be revving up nicely.


They are breaking down the food station which means I’ll serve myself from the kitchen. That’s just where I like to be. I notice the groom’s cake still sitting near the food station! YIKES! Chef Beverly gets  that back to the kitchen quickly so we can add chocolate cake to the red velvet and white wedding cake being served. Zach’s Mom made that cake!

I go look for Brad, the limo driver to be sure the gets some food (we have plenty). We eat at the bar area. Very tasty prime rib. Julie notifies me that we are out of the last bottle of Jack Daniels they pre-ordered. I leave my food to talk to Karen (MOB) to see if they want to add another bottle, she says she is sure that Zach and Kristin would want to. Back to eating, it’s cold but I’m still shoveling it in. When did I eat last?

7:40pm Kristin finds me….where is the bottle of Dom Perignon? She’s worried someonethrew it out. Surely no. Off to find the bottle where a wise bartender stuckback in ice. I pour Kristin a glass and take one to her. Back to my colddinner.

7:55pm – I make sure Kristin and Zach are in the mainreception room. The band has a surprise!!! They make them get on stage and sing with the band. Kristin is not shy at all she’s performed before! Love it!


Bouquet and Garter Toss goes well, again, Ray with Stretta Band, does a fab job as MC!

8:30pm – Karen (MOB) finds me. She is worried that guests are going to mistake the pictures on the table as wedding favors. She wants me to collect them. I’m on it!

9:35pm – Party is in full swing! Jessica (MOH) informs me that Zach has ordered another round of hard liquor on the bar tab. I go find Julie to let her know that is an affirmative. Julie knows to check with me before anyone adds anything to the bill. Just a precaution. Everyone is constantly dancing!!! It’s so much fun to watch, especially Kristin and her Dad!! I have barely seen her off the dance floor!!!


9:50pm – Spilled drink on the dance floor! No wait staff around so I get a mop and clean it up myself. If I had a dollar for every time I had to do this at an event….

10:00pm – I confirm with the band they are going to go their full final set. I’m worried because none of the guests are using the Escalade parked outside to go back to the hotel. Heck yeah! This party is awesome and they don’t want to leave, but I need some of them to go so the limo will be back for the bride/groom.

Kristin and Zach run out to try out their Smore Bar which is almost all gone! Guests had so much fun out there!


10:15pm – Zach’s soon-to-be-minister friend, Cody, gets on the stage and performs! Kristin drags me out and we stand in front of him like groupies! How cool is he? (man, I wish I would have had a picture of that but I forgot to whip out the camera!)

10:25pm – I’m worried about the limo which made it’s first run. I call Brad on his cell phone, he says he should be

10:50pm – Last song…..it’s time to wind down. Monty, FOB, is on it asking some family members to help me get the gifts into the family car. I have already packed up the personal items and just go back to make sure the toasting glasses and empty bottle of DomPerignon (she wants to have it engraved) is packed. Also I retrieve the iPodfrom the band to give to Zach for the honeymoon. Also get the left over wedding cake from the kitchen.

11:00pm – Kristin and I finally get a chance to sit down and talk. She is still glowing, by the way. She is thoroughly thrilled with the whole day and could not have asked for a better wedding. I’m thrilled she is happy. She offers to treat me and my family to a Pirates game….I just need to let her know
when. Kristin, I’m going to take you up on that! And you’re buying the firstround!

11:15pm – People are worried about the limo won’t come back, but I assure everyone he is on his way. I’ve taken care of it.

11:25pm – Limo arrives. I yell for everyone to get in (there are a lot of people left). I grab Kristin’s hand and take her away from saying goodbye too long (Kristin and Zach HAVE to be in that last limo). It takes awhile to get the drunks guests in …. but finally they are good to go! Stick a fork in me, ‘cause I am done too.

12:12pm – I pull into my driveway at home. Pour myself a glass of wine, take off my shoes and lean back on the couch. Start to count how many hours I’ve been on my feet and promptly fall asleep. Tired, but content on creating another successful wedding.

photos: pfe iPhone
featured photo credit: straub photography

plan on!



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  1. Jaime
    Jaime says:

    Thank you for posting this! I was just catching up on your posts, and thought it was great you did this one, it really gives people an idea as to how much planners really do!

  2. Alexis
    Alexis says:

    Well i had my first day planning a wedding with a wedding planning firm and it was great!! learned alot and saw how much hard work it was but i still love doing it at the end of th day .

  3. wedding packages
    wedding packages says:

    The bride and groom can’t help smile from ear to ear.I am a very big fan of watching the wedding photos.Thanks for posting these photos!


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