on the job with the wedding planner: part two

Continuing from Part One:

Saturday, November 3rd

(it’s here…day of the wedding!)

5:30am – I wake up….30 more minutes before I need to get up….but I can’t sleep. Darn it. My mind starts working on all the things that I need to remember for today. Might as well get up and get going.

7:30am – Leaving the house, my son gets up to kiss me goodbye encouraging me to get Zach to sign something for him. I’m on my way to Starbucks for a little energy. I’m dressed in my cargo pants and Sketchers
ready to work!

8:00am – I wait at Cambridge for the team to arrive for decorating. I could be starting on Kristin’s personal stuff, but I don’t have “the tub” from last night. So I wait.8:35am – Team arrives with Sally!! Yeah! Five people descend on the reception site. Flowers, vases, candles, etc. I start setting up the Smore Bar. MOG, Sherry and sister of the groom, Alana, arrive to setup the groom’s cake Sherry
made.9:00am – We’re still waiting for Monty! Just about to call him on his cell phone and he arrives with the groom’s cake and my stuff. They were pressing the dress at the church and got delayed.

Kristin and Zach had this great idea to name the tables by the year and then place pictures of each of them that were taken during that year. Very cute!


But I need to get busy! We have assigned seating so I also need to place the host cards. I open them up and they are out of order; she set them by the year instead of the last name alphabetically. No problem, I start to resort. (Guests automatically look for their last names, instead of the other way around. This is faster for guests to locate their host card and then get seated quicker!)9:30am – Team is off to the church for setup! I have to stay at Cambridge for the personal stuff.10:30am – Just about done with setting out all the pictures of Kristin and Zach, this is such a cute idea. Set the table numbers and host cards. Set the Vera Wang toasting glasses and cake servers. Piece of Cake has arrived and is setting the cake. The whole reception looks beautiful and I hope Kristin and Karen will be pleased. Stop for a few minutes for pictures.



photos: pfe iPhone
featured photo credit: straub photography

.to be continued….

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