nbc is going green this week

NBC has issued a press release that details the first week of November Sweeps. NBC will make this the “Green Is Universal” week.

Each evening on their best prime time shows, they will be featuring a storyline that has a Green Theme to it. For instance:

Monday, November 5th
HEROES – Besides trying to save the world, they’ll be doing some energy-saving fixes around the house. (tad subtle, eh?)

Tuesday, November 6th

THE SINGING BEE – All the songs will have an eco-friendly tune.
THE BIGGEST LOSER (love this show!) – The teams will participate in recyling and learning how to implelment new environmentally friendly habits in their lives. While shedding a few pounds.

Wednesday, November 7th

BIONIC WOMAN – The show setting is around an international environmental conference in Paris!

Thursday, November 8th

30 ROCK – Guess who is guest starring? Al Gore, of course.
SCRUBS – They watch “The Inconvenient Truth” and the Janitor vows to save the world by becoming the Environmental Officer at Sacred Heart.
ER – Survives rolling brownouts in the city of Chicago and a doctor buys an energy efficient smart car, but just to attract the ladies. (ha!)

Friday, November 9th
DEAL OR NO DEAL – Kermit the Frog (love him!) guest stars!
LAS VEGAS – The Montecito hosts an environemtnally friendly conference.

and on Saturday, NBC rests. Well done!

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