eco-friendly confetti

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For the socially conscious bride and groom, we would like to do anything we can to make your wedding a little greener.
Our eco-friendly wedding confetti is water soluble and biodegradable so
you can have a festive, lively send-off without causing permanent
damage to the earth. Simply rinse off for worry free clean up. Perfect
for weddings, graduations and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

This wonderful confetti comes in an   array of colors to match your event. For a lovely touch, add lavender buds
to your confetti. A subtle scent will disperse when tossed. Choose from
two package sizes. Large bags hold approximately 12 cups, small bags
hold 6 cups. $10 for small bag, minimum order of 2 bags $20 for a large bag, minimum order of 2 bags.

Be sure to check with your church before buying this. You may have to talk them into letting you throw this stuff after the wedding!     

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