the green challenge

I’ve been challenged.

But that’s okay, cause Monday’s are Green Days here at the ‘ole planning…forever events blog. Last Monday I confessed that I am not the most eco-friendly, living person. But I want to strive to do better.

So every Monday I will post about what strides I’m taking to live better, both personally and professionally.

I must have been in sync with Lara over at ready.2.spark cause she sparked the same concept.

So here’s the challenge: What are you doing to introduce environmental sustainability into your daily life?

1. I go to Starbucks a lot. So I re-use the paper coffee cups. So much so…that I almost had the hot coffee spill out once all over me…those things don’t last too long. I also reuse plastic water bottles. (on that subject, click here for a cool post from Blue Orchid Designs)

2. I have been opening my windows and turning off the air conditioner. Sometimes it does get warm, or stuffy…so I have a small fan on me.

3. I use email as much as possible instead of sending out printed, paper letters.

Okay! My turn to tag 5 people:

Jeanne with Equinox Wedding Photography
Khris at DIY Bride
Laura at Soiree Special Events
Emily at Eco Chic Weddings
Carol at Events by Carol

Don’t let this die…be sure to pass it on! And be sure to visit back on Monday’s to track my progress!

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  1. In Style Weddings
    In Style Weddings says:

    I think everyone struggles at times, with living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, because it’s not something we can change overnight. It’s almost like breaking a bad habit but whatever you or anyone else contributes, is certainly helping in a big way.

    Oh and I can totally relate the Starbucks. LOL One of my addictions… :o)


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