integrity productions and droste’s

Our hearts go out to Integrity Productions who are located over the Droste’s jewelry store. On Friday night, their store caught fire and destroyed the Integrity Productions area. Toby Hitchcock was still in the studio working late and barely made it out of the building.

Interestingly enough, Toby and his crew were schedule to DJ my wedding the very next day. He called me within 10 minutes of getting out of the building to let me know that I may need to make other arrangements for a DJ. Imagine. You just escaped a flaming building, there are 60 fire fighters dousing your equipment and hard work and you take a moment to call the wedding planner for a wedding you are doing the next day.

Unbelievable professional!

I did call another DJ and I’d like to give HUGE PROPS to Terry Tunks with Spectrum Sound. He immediately stepped up with whatever I needed. Able to shift around his schedule, he said he would do anything needed to help out my client and/or Toby with Integrity. Terry gave me the peace I needed to call my client with the news and assure them that I had another DJ scheduled – just in case.

Unbelievable professional!

Luckily, Toby and his team; Rick and Mitch were able to come to the wedding. The DJ equipment was safe and mostly unharmed – so they came to the wedding and did an outstanding job.

I can’t say enough good things about these two wedding vendors who will work together and do whatever it takes to help the bride and groom have their special night. If you are looking for musical entertainment (we seem to be talking about that a lot lately) you cannot go wrong with either of these wedding professionals.

We can’t wait until the unveiling of the new Integrity Productions suite! They will be rebuilding immediately.


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