whatyda call me?

Ok. So we know that we are called wedding planners, consultants, coordinators, event planners and so forth.

I just have to tell you….after owning my own business for this many years….what I do…it’s so much more. Planner? Yes. Psychologist? Yes. Orchestrator? Yes. Designer? Yes. Paid Best Friend? Heck Yes! (luckily that is the best perk of the job because I really do like my clients).

I just know that I do so much more than just plan or coordinate. That is why, and in the effort to stay just a bit different, I’m going to call myself an Event Engineer.

Just to be on the safe side that I am thinking this through, one of the definitions of “engineer” per dictionary.com is: “to arrange, manage, or carry through by skillful or artful contrivance”. HEY! That sounds just like what I do!!!!! It’s so much more than just planning or coordinating.

What do you think?

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