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Today’s segment we talked about Mother Earth and creating a Green Wedding! No. It doesn’t mean painting yourself green….we’re talking about having an eco-friendly wedding that uses sustainable products! While this isn’t hard to do, you have to concentrate a bit on your choices. Here’s a few ideas:

1. Use local vendors and products!
A photographer from Indy? Why? We have great photographers here locally and an out-of-town vendor uses a lot of energy to physically get here. Also, take a look at the food and wine that you are serving through your caterers. There are some local wines that you could serve instead of using California Wines shipped in. What about flowers? Could you use some locally grown or out of your own garden? Things that make you go hmmmm.

2. Avoid over consumption. I think this point is important. EVERYONE can do this. At so many events we over order the catering and have sooo much food. Most of it can go to waste! Now the caterer legally cannot donate the food to a food bank or mission, but YOU can. Just make arrangements for any left over food to be delivered by one of your friends or family member.

3. Recycle. An obvious point – recycled paper for invitations, programs, etc. But did you consider the plastic glasses for the bar which is often used at a lot of local venues? What about the small paper sugar packets that are offered with coffee? Instead of a glass sugar container. See? You got to use the ‘ole noggin!

4. Pay it back! Finally for the die-hard conservationist, you can actually pay it back to a non-profit, eco-activist group for the amount of energy you consume. Go to: They have a wedding carbon calculator that will calculate the emissions your wedding is causing the Earth. Now isn’t that handy?

You don’t have to wear a “hemp” wedding dress, but everyone needs to do their part. Hopefully these are a few ideas to get you started!

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