News on Postage Increase

It’s no surprise…the rates for postage are going up to 41 cents this May! However, the US Postal Service (whom I fondly refer to as the Snail Mail Service) have a couple of tricks up their blue-polyester-rolled-up sleeve!

First – the introduction of the Forever stamp. It will always be valid no matter how many times the rate increases (which makes me wonder if they aren’t planning to raise rates twice a year – but I digress). These stamps should be going on sale anytime.

BUT.. good news for wedding couples and their invitations, you will actually see a reduction in the price (yup, you read that right! “That’s
because the 41-cent rate is for the first ounce, but each additional
ounce will cost 17 cents, down from the current 24 cents.”
quote source: CNN

So instead of 63 cent stamp (which everyone uses for 2 ounces or the fabulous square invitations) you are looking at a cost of 58 cents. If you are mailing out 200 invitations..that’s a savings of $10 – treat yourself to lunch!

If you are mailing out your invitations after May 14th, be sure to increase your postage budget in your wedding expenses. Remember to include stamp cost for the outside envelope and your RSVP envelope. And as always, budget HIGH.

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