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Have to add a personal note here. My fantastic associate coordinator, Karen, who helps me out so much at events is spear-heading a fund raiser for her nephew, John. I’ve met the boy…cute as can be and so sweet!

John was recently diagnosed with an incredibly rare birth defect called Encephalocele. In regular words, the bone that was suppose to separate John’s brain and sinus cavity didn’t develop. Without surgery, this beautiful 5-year old child could die from a simple sinus infection. They will be featured on the front of the Courier & Press on Wednesday.

A fundraiser for John McQuay IV will be held May 11 in the parking lot of the Courier & Press. People wishing to help can order barbecued
butts or ribs or pulled-pork barbecue, each of which sells for $20. To place an order, contact Kelly Claycomb at 464-7678. Orders can be
picked up between 4 and 7 p.m. May 11.

Or if you are like me and don’t eat that much pork, donations can be made to the McQuay Medical Expense Account at any Fifth Third Bank location.

‘preciate you reading this. Sometimes, you forget just how good you’ve got it.

plan on!


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