2007 Wedding Trend Predictions

We talked this morning on TV about the 2007 wedding predictions. Well I looked at theknot and read other bridal publications – but you know what is HOT on the coasts…does not necessarily trickle down to us….so some of my predictions are based on local experience.

1. AFTER PARTIES – couples are wanting to keep the party going waaaay after midnight by going to a secondary location with their guests. They may not sponsor the party, but they will plan for it.

2. BANQUET/FAMILY STYLE – is coming back here to the Tri-State. We are also seeing more and more people using the square tables (two banquets bumped together). Mix and match at the reception with the table sizes!

3. HOT COLOR theknot said that orange is the hot color for 2007. I think it is beautiful, but I foresee it not being as popular until later this year. Instead, I prediction the color chocolate to continue on from last year and start showing up earlier in the year (not just in the fall).

4. REMOVING TRADITIONS – Couples are opting to plan their reception, their way. That may mean: less speeches, no garter/bouquet toss, and multiple desserts offered (instead of just the cake).

5. DETAILS ON THE WEDDING DRESS – Very popular around here is the wedding dress that gets bunched up and tucked. Also – look for more details on the back of the wedding dresses….

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