new ideas for wedding registries …

We discussed wedding registries today on the TV show. A few points to consider:

1. First evaluate your needs and decide as a couple where would be the best locations. Guys can really get into this …. running through Target with a SKU gun can be fun!

A new interesting twist to registries:

  1. Just bought a home? Consider homedepot for a registry!
  2. If donating to a charity in your name is important try, Even if you want gifts, you can register through them for a couple of major stores and whenever a guest gives you a gift from that particular registry, they will donate a percentage to your favorite charity!!!
  3. Finally my favorite (and I think I’ve discussed this before) This is a fabulous honeymoon registry for the couple that already has everything!

Did you know that over 48% of couples getting married would prefer cold-hard cash as their gift? But you can’t ask for it. And not everyone will give cash. Talk to your local banks…some may be able to setup a registry to accept cash donations!

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plan on!



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