wedding stressing you out?

Why do so many brides get stressed out about their weddings?

I’ve thought a lot about this, trying to figure out if I could pinpoint one main reason and cause. And I think I’ve got it.

All the brides that I have known who are really, really stressed before their wedding are the brides who have decided to do too much on their own or have not hired enough professional vendors.

Think about it. How can a bride be responsible for setting up the reception site, making all the favors, doing the itinerary for rehearsal, running to the tux shop, dealing with family members, overseeing vendor setups and still remaining fresh and rested on their big day? Not possible.

Brides who have hired a coordinator and hired professional vendors that match their personality – make the big decisions for their wedding – then trust the fact that their coordinator will make sure it all happens – relax and enjoy their day. For your own sake – don’t overwork yourself or your family before your wedding.

plan on!

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