using family as wedding vendors

You probably think I’m going to say it is not a good idea. And I’m not, I promise. I only suggest is asking yourself these questions:

1. Are they a professional? Do you want Aunt Martha who makes great birthday cakes, attempt to make your wedding cake on your big day? I’ve had that happen. It stressed the family member out, the icing was 3 inches thick, and…it was crooked. Not just a little. Picture the leaning Tower of Pisa.

2. Are you comfortable with telling them what you like and what you DON”T like? That’s the beauty of paid professionals. You have a contract, it is a business transaction. There are no “feelings” to get in the way of accomplishing the end result. This is really, really important.

3. Are these family members that should be part of the wedding and enjoy themselves?

4. Do you think they will save you money? Unless the family member offered you a savings, be very careful on this point. The end result may not be what you expected.

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