Over the weekend, WE channel had a marathon for their Bridezillas show. It previews couples getting married and they follow around the bride and catch her in all her glory of getting upset, cussing her family and being a general….you-know-what.

My son asked me if I have ever had a bride like that acted that way….the answer is HECK NO! Some of  my bride’s think they get a little zilla-ish…but trust me…no bride I have ever worked with has acted like what I saw on TV. I honestly am surprised that some of those fellas walk down the aisle and actually marry these ladies (and in some cases I use that term loosely).

One wedding was $110,000 – and she had no wedding coordinator. I had to laugh as both the bride and groom tried to organize the rehearsal – everyone spread out, tempers flaring. Just goes to show you….

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