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I would like to say congratulations to my favorite, husband-and-wife team wedding videographers, Todd and Tracy Lamkin with Black Tie Video Productions. Today is their 22nd wedding anniversary!!

We first met three years ago and as wedding vendors we stay in contact with each other bouncing off business ideas and so forth. We’ve also worked on quite a few projects together (in fact we will be working together at a reception this Saturday). They are a great team – Todd knows the equipment and best camera angles and Tracy manages the editing to give the finished wedding DVD that special human touch. It’s great to be able to recommend them – because I know they are going to be professional and dependable.

Makes you wonder… they have a video of their wedding? *wink*
Congrats you two and best wishes! – saundra

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  1. Todd & Tracy Lamkin
    Todd & Tracy Lamkin says:

    Hi Saundra,

    Thanks for thinking of us on our special day. We too very much enjoy working with you and appreciate the professionalism that you provide to us and your clients. We breathe a sigh of relief when we see your name on our itinerary because we know that the stress level will be greatly reduced and the day will run smoothly.

    As a matter of fact, we do have a video of our wedding! This is (in a round-about kind of way) how we first got into the wedding video business. It’s not a very high quality video, (it was back in 1984 when camera technology was in its infancy) but it was our favorite wedding gift. We valued our video so much that we purchased a camera ourselves and started to video our friends’ weddings. Back then it was nothing fancy – one camera, documentary style – but we eventually went with multiple cameras and learned the fine art of editing. Then one day, our video was seen by a local photographer who told us that our videos were better than most professional ones she had seen produced, and encouraged us to consider going into business and here we are today.

    Occasionally people ask us what our secret is for a successful marriage. We always answer the same way…………..Low expectations! “wink”


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