Couples Websites

What we discussed this morning on AM Evansville Fox 7: Couples Websites!! This is the best way to get out your wedding weekend information to your guests whether or not they are out-of-towners or live close.


  1. Minimal setup time and investment and you can update at anytime.
  2. You can have your gift registries with links to the store websites.
  3. You can have a guest book – where your friends/family can write you special messages!
  4. Maps, blocked rooms, vendor information, RSVP, baby sitting options, wedding party bios….and more!!!
  5. Think about the guests that don’t know you and are coming to your wedding just because they were invited by someone else. How cool is it for them to be able to go to your website and read about you – before they go! Now they are instantly in-the-know.

Just be sure to promote it. Include your website in your save-the-date cards or put it on a business card and include it in your invitation!

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