a hair story …

I had a client last year who has the most beautiful, long blonde hair and almost always wore it down. She was really worried about having an up-do for the wedding – that maybe she wouldn’t look like herself. She felt she was “suppose” to her hair up and styled. Isn’t that what all brides do?

On her wedding day her hairstylist (God bless her) spent hours creating a style. When I got there my client didn’t look happy, almost in tears. It wasn’t the fault of her hairstylist. My client just didn’t feel like herself. I told her to scrap the whole thing, and wear her hair down. There is nothing worse than having a bad hair day!! She agreed – and was incredibly happy the whole day – not to mention looked absolutely stunning.

Moral of the Story: Stick with your gut, don’t let anyone talk you into something that you know deep down you won’t like.

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