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congratulations mr and mrs adam bush

So I get this phone call one day, it’s Michelle Brown. She and her fiancé Adam had planned on a destination wedding up north but apparently all the plans were turning upside down. The all-inclusive wedding package that originally appeared to be a good thing – just wasn’t working out! She was frustrated and irritated – and could I help them plan a wedding locally in five months? Heck yeah!

Finding the venue was easy, they wanted a casual outdoor wedding where guests would enjoy the natural scenery as well as feel comfortable and relaxed. Paradise Pavilion was the place for this couple, with the ease of having both the ceremony and the reception at the same location.

The outdoor gazebo area proved to be the right backdrop for their late afternoon wedding ceremony. Michelle loves lavender so we utilized that color throughout the entire day. And hearts…don’t forget the custom heart-shaped program fans and hearts on their wedding cake! Not to over-do the natural outdoor beauty, we added satin lavender chair ties to the ceremony chairs and a large, green kissing ball subtly accented with lavender ribbons and flowers.

Keeping with the theme of easy and relaxed, Michelle and Adam opted to have all their pictures taken before the ceremony – this mean that there was little downtime before the reception actually began. The reception area had open seating and different sized tables to accompany the guests and whom they wanted to seat with. Wild flowers and roses decorated each table in three different size square, vases: really tall, chunky short, and skinny. Matching square votive vases were also added to tie in the modern, clean feel. To add a little color to the tables, the clear vases were colored with purple water and satin, lavender table runners were added. On the small tables, we used satin napkins instead of the long runners!

Favorite moments: Instead of getting a minister they didn’t know, Michelle’s Dad married her and Adam. That certainly will be a cherished memory for that family. Michelle and Adam both have children from previous marriages. Immediately after the wedding, Chelsea (Michelle’s adorable daughter) ran and hugged Adam and told him that she was sooo happy that he was going to be her Daddy. Not a dry eye in the place.

For more pictures of Michelle and Adam’s fun wedding, click here.

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