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I’m going to tell you a secret. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. Ready? Wedding vendors talk to each other. Yup. And we talk about you – our clients. So if you are a client that is grateful, kind and caring – we love to sing your praises. It makes your whole team of vendors happy to work for you to pull off your most special day.

Then there is the flip side to this story. But I don’t blame brides. Nope. I blame the media. You’ve seen it: Thousands of books, websites, and stories about how wedding vendors are out to RIP YOU OFF!! And how you can save $$$THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS$$$ by following these bargain bride tips…

Bottom line truth: Wedding vendors do want to make money. We like to put food on our tables too. But most of us, love what we do, and we want to be fair with our clients. We want repeat business!! So when we work with a couple who is appreciating and savvy enough to know when to negotiate for their needs, we don’t mind. In fact, we probably will work harder.

Stepping down from the soap box now…

plan on!


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