asking for money for your wedding

This is a huge question! More couples would prefer having money as a gift than actual stuff as they go into marriage with already furnished households. So here’s the straight answer.

You can’t ask for money. Never. Ever. Period.

However…..a way around that dilemma is a new trend of “honeymoon registries”. It works by allowing you to select a certain element of your honeymoon, whether it is spa treatments, tours, meals, hotel nights and so on. Then friends and family will “buy” for you in increments as their wedding gifts.

It is a tad impersonal (Emily Post wouldn’t give it a seal of approval), but highly practical in this modern age. So, if you do go this route, please be very specific in your thank you card to your guest so they will know which amenity their gift of money was used on. For instance……”Thank you Uncle Joe for the generous gift you sent us. We were able to get an hour long helicopter ride that overlooked the beautiful island of Hawaii. This is something we will never forget and we’ve enclosed a snapshot of what we saw so you could share it with us…..”. You get the idea.

featured photo credit: jordan barclay photography

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