what do you call us?

Planners, coordinators, consultants – good grief we are called so many different things.

wedding planner –

Someone who helps you plan the wedding. She/he assists you and is in contact with you during the planning stages. Either by giving you advice, creative ideas, finding vendors, full-service assistance, running errands, taking your phone calls to answer questions at all hours, etc. And then finally attending to all the details of the actual wedding day.

wedding coordinator –

Typically this is someone who is simply coordinating your event. You’ve done all the leg-work and you are now turning over all your planning to this “coordinator” to manage the day. From vendor setups until the end of the evening, they are definitely the “director of the play”, if you will.

wedding consultant –

This is kind of a new term in the business in the fact that many of us (planners) do both planning, coordinating and consulting. It’s doesn’t matter in my humble opinion, it’s all the same to me. Wedding coordinator at Church or Venue – Please do not confuse professional wedding coordinators with this job responsbility. These are people who coordinate for their specific church or venue. They are responsible for that particular portion of the day and will not be necessarily worried about all the personal nuances from start to finish. They are valuable resources, yes, but not the same thing as above.

Honestly, who cares what you call us, just call. We will take all the stress off your day and let you truly relax and feel like a guest at your own wedding (my personal business mantra).

plan on!


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