tip your wedding vendors?

My clients ask me about tipping the vendors all the time. Yes, you really should tip a vendor that has done an exceptional job – unless the gratuity is already included (for instance, read your banquet & catering contract). However, I have to stress, to tip or not to tip is solely at your discretion.

But here are some tips on tipping (hehe, I crack myself up):

· You will want to have separate gratuity (cash please) placed in envelopes prior to the wedding day. You won’t have time to fumble around. And you can give these to your wedding planner to distribute.
· Tips you should remember: limo drivers, valet, bartenders, musicians, hair/makeup artists, altar boys/girls etc. Tipping your photographer, DJ, wedding planner, florist, etc is your call. Ask yourself if they went above and beyond?
· Incorporate tipping into your budget early on so you aren’t surprised.
· In the very least, always send every vendor a hand written thank you letter. Heck, we’ll take emails even!!! Vendors work so hard every single weekend making sure their clients have the best wedding day they possibly can – we really appreciate a thank you and take it to heart!
· Priests and Ministers are not “tipped”. It’s a donation to the church and the typical amount in this area is $100-$200. Protocol is to put the cash in a thank-you card and give it to the best man to deliver. Never have you coordinator do it – it’s too impersonal.

plan on!


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