top 10 ways to stop stressing out about your wedding

(why do people always have ten reasons?)

  1. Make lists. Keep a notepad by your bed so when you wake up at 2am, write down what you are thinking about and then you can roll over and get some beauty rest.
  2. Delegate. No seriously. Delegate.
  3. Don’t freak out if your fiancé is not excited about the flowers. There is a strong possibility that he may never will be.
  4. Create deadlines for yourself, stick to them and then give yourself a treat!
  5. Tackle your DIY projects as early as possible. Are you making your 400 favors? Then make 50 a week and in 8 weeks you are done! Are you way behind? Then have a party and get some help!
  6. Work out or take walks. It will help you relieve your stress.
  7. Pick your battles. It usually is not worth all the fuss.
  8. Regular massages or pedi’s are always a plus as the day gets closer.
  9. Hire a planner. (don’t hate me, how could I resist?)
  10. It’s not that serious, lighten up and laugh. Even if it is at your expense. You’ll enjoy the whole process so much more.

plan on!

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