you inspire us …

Hello lovely, and congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! 

This is such an exciting time for you, but it can also be a little overwhelming, right? Some of our couples are super organized and love planning, but life (work, grad school, 28 other responsibilities) keep them from finding the time to invest in the legwork and the gazillion of wedding tasks that need to be accomplished. It’s okay, we totally get that. There are just only so many hours during the day to get everything done.

That’s why you need us. We want to be your collaborative creative partner, an advocate for you. We’ll give you the peace of mind that you are securing the best event professional team and aesthetic for your celebration. We will help tell your story and set up the best possible moments because those are the memories that are treasured and remembered forever.

our wedding planning services:

Total Wedding Planning + Design

This is the most popular service we offer, and it has EVERYTHING you need to plan your celebration, which is why our clients LOVE it. It’s the peace-of-mind you are looking for when planning your wedding, and we rock it.

We will work closely with you and create a total masterpiece design for your wedding. Which will include, but not limited to, monthly meetings (in person or online), vetted event professional referrals (it’s like we’re matchmaking), a customized wedding budget with every expense you could imagine, payment tracking, custom floor plans, a comprehensive online task list and planning schedule in your Virtual Wedding Office, wedding website, menu selections, etiquette, stationery and signage, rehearsal dinner management, all-day onsite event hours and SO much more!

Total Wedding Planning + Design services and fees are created custom to our clients. Contact us today and we can discuss more.

Modern Wedding Management

This service is called “Modern” not to sound cutesy, but because it has in the past been referred to as “Day-of Coordination” or “Month-of-Planning”. This service is similar, but oh-so-much more! Because, here’s a #truthbomb: it takes WAY more work than just a month or a day to manage your wedding celebration.

This is ideal for the couple that has already made many of their wedding arrangements, but now just need a little more professional help to finalize their plans. And, they want to be really present on their big day and not worry or be bothered about the details.

We have a limited amount of dates each year to fill with our Modern Wedding Management service. So please contact us today to check availability.

the pfe process:

  • one.

    We’ll begin our relationship with a Chat Session, preferably in person or we can use Facetime, Google Meet. We want to hear all your thoughts and wishes about one of the most important celebrations of your life.  

  • two.

    Based on our previous conversation, we will deliver a wedding proposal that fits your needs.

  • three.

    This is where the fun begins, the planning and processes. We want you to enjoy the wedding planning and help you create a special day that is reflective of you both and of course, a fantastic guest experience.

  • four.

    Wedding day is here! You relax and truly be in the moment of the best day of your life, relishing it with your family and friends. While we work, work, work.

To begin the awesomeness, call 812-518-0094 or use our contact form and email.

We offer full production decor services for our planning clients. It scratches our design itch and it’s one less thing that our couple has to worry about (and let’s face it, how your wedding ceremony and reception looks is pretty darn important). Ask about it if you want to learn more.